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Tuesday - 27/12/2016 10:00
With 75km of coastal long-line with white sand, fresh water, many beautiful and attractive beaches; being place where form Cua Tung, Cua Viet tourism- services area, Con Co island. Cua Tung beach has beautiful scenery, be known as “ Queen of beaches”
A corner of Con Co island ( Photo by NTMP)
A corner of Con Co island ( Photo by NTMP)
Cua Viet tourism – service area is identified as the focal point to develop Quang Tri tourism, as well as the motivation to continues to develop tourism route of Cua Tung, Cua Viet coastal area and Con Co island. It is known as beach - island tourism – service area from Viet Nam on the East – West economic corridor, linking to  Laos, Thailand, Myanmar. Currently, Quang Tri province is investing to construct this place into tourism – services area with large size to welcome tourists, especially international tourists through East – West economic corridor.
Quang Tri also has beautiful and pristine beaches such as: Vinh Thai, Vinh Kim, Trieu Lang, My Thuy, with long white and smooth sands and wonderful scenery…Especially, Con Co island away just nearly 30km from the coast on the West, with 230ha. In the war against America, this is the heroic place with many resounding victories. Con Co island with heroic and historical tradition, diversified flora and fauna which are invaluable asset formed by the nature; with 83ha of forest, extremely rich flora and fauna, coastal corals with 109 species, in which, there are 28 species of seaweed which have high economic value; there are 267 species of fishes. The ecosystem not only has economic value but also has meaning in activities of tourism, research and exploration. This is one of places which has important location on national security. With below advantages, it is need to built Con Co island into area of entertainment, swimming and luxury resort. This will be an ideal resort for weekend, as well as place for organizing activities of swimming, playing sports which attract near and far tourists.
Con Co  welcome gate ( Photo by NTMP)
Cua Viet – Cua Tung – Con Co forms beach – island  tourism triangle with complementary strengths and be considered to develop into potential national tourism area. Tourists come to this complex are not merely domestic tourists, it should promote well for tourists from potential large markets. That is tourist resource from Laos and the Northeastern area of Thailand which lack of beach. It is hard to have near convenient geographical condition  as Quang Tri – Tourists “One day eat rice from 3 countries” (From Thailand – Laos to Quang Tri, Vietnam, just only nearly 340km road through Highway 9). Besides, many tourists from Europe, USA,…come to Quang Tri for relaxation, discovery and especially visiting old battlefield. Therefore, the sea, island and unique cultural and historical relics lie along highway 1A which near the coast in this area will completely satisfy the needs of tourists.
Evaluating huge potentials, advantages below about tourism, from very early, Quang Tri focused on tourism economy development. In  the past years, the Provincial Party Committee, People’ Council, People’s Committee have issued resolutions, decisions such as: Resolution no. 02/NQ-TU dated 15/11/2011 by Quang Tri Party’s Committee on Quang Tri tourism development to 2010; Resolution no.  04/2010/NQ-HDND by Quang Tri People’s Council dated 20/4/2010 on Planning, Plans on tourism development in Con Co district to 2015 with orientation to 2020; Decision no. 345/QĐ-UBND dated 23/2/2016 by Quang Tri People’ Committee on approving General Planning on economy – society development in Con Co island to 2020 with orientation to 2030; Decision no. 2561/QĐ-UBND dated 16/12/2013 by Quang Tri People’s Committee on approving the outline, tasks for building General planning on Quang Tri tourism development to 2020, orientation to 2030. Resolutions of Provincial Party’ Committee, People’ Council also confirmed that: Developing tourism sector into an important economic sector in provincial economic structure ; developing beach – island economy, developing Cua Viet – Cua Tung – Con Co area into modern beach tourism, creating premise to make this area into tourism area with national and international level.
With strategy focusing on strengthening investment to develop beach – island tourism, Quang Tri Provincial People Committee approved planning on tourism areas development. Such as: Cua Viet tourism – service area; Cua Tung – Cua Viet route coastal tourism – service areas and Vinh Thai tourism – service area. Especially,  Cua Tung – Cua Viet beach – Con Co island tourism area is being driven into national tourism area to promote strengths of relaxing tourism, cuisine, beach – island exploitation, entertainment, golf … This area is known as an attractive destination for international tourists from East – West economic corridor, especially Laos and Thailand.
Boat racing festival in Cua Tung ( Photo by Trinh Hoang Tan)
However, the key projects in period from now to 2020 will focus on investing for projects on developing Cua Viet – Cua Tung beach tourism, Lao Bao tourism service center, Dong Ha tourism infrastructure  system…Before, Province had detailed planning on tourism areas such as Cua Viet tourism – service area with 141 ha, Cua Viet – Cua Tung coastal tourism area with 170ha, Cua Tung tourism area with 135ha, Cua Tung – Vinh Moc Tunnel tourism area with 746ha, Vinh Thai tourism – service area with 518ha, Hai Khe tourism area with 53,8ha, Con Co tourism area with 45,49 ha. By the end of 2014, there are 20 projects investing on Cua Tung – Cua Viet tourism area with total registed capital 3.563,4 billion Dong with total area 180,29 ha.
Beach – island tourism is one strength of Quang Tri. In the last time, province focused on investment, however, the investment for developing this product still has many difficulties. Some valuable special beach – island tourism resources such as Cua Tung has developed but  it is not really suitable and being lost its attraction, or the investment for developing Con Co island is still limited. The investors do not care much about investment for developing tourism infrastructure, because they all think that the Government must in charge of that works, and the investors only focus on the field of business activities investment such as building tourism products, hotels, restaurants... for exploitation. Quang Tri has not really succeeded in attracting strategic investors, who has financial capacity to invest for building general resorts with big scale, high quality. Many projects has been planned but still has not attracted the attention of investors. Most of projects in the field of developing tourism infrastructure system are projects on constructing hotels and accommodations with small and medium scale. The progress of construction of projects on constructing hotels along beaches is still slow. In 20 projects at the main area for developing Cua Viet beach tourism, there are only 03 completed projects, 06 projects are constructing (most of them have not achieved 30% the work), 05 projects completed procedures but have not implemented yet and other projects have been at stage of completing procedure for preparing investment.
Cua Viet beach ( Photo by Nguyen Hai Quang)
Viet Nam in general and Quang Tri province in particular are facing to tremendous challenges in organizing exploitation and using effectively beach – island resource. Climate change is unpredictable, threatening directly to community and coastal ecosystems. The decline of fishery resources, biodiversity; the pollution of marine environment is increasing. Especially, after the recently incident of death fishes in the central provinces has effected seriously to marine environment in the immediate and long – term, adversely impact to economic sectors related to beaches and the life of production, living of coastal people. Especially, East Sea now is currently the hot spot in the territorial sovereignty dispute of countries in region. Making situation more and more complicated, therefore, the Party, people and nation must attach much importance to the preservation of beach – island sovereignty of the country.
My Thuy Beach ( Photo by Trinh Hoang Tan)
Striving for beach tourism brand to made a breakthrough for tourism development in the next stage, focusing on implementing well some main tasks and solutions: Firstly, quickly completing planning on tourism sector development, planning on tourism infrastructure construction in association with general planning on social – economic development of province to 2020 which approved by the Government. Strengthening quality of management and administration of planning implementation, investigation of tourism investment projects. It is need to solve well the relation between tourism and culture development and human development; developing tourism in association with protecting natural resources and environment, nation security, defense and social safety...
It needs to focus on investment on constructing synchronous tourism infrastructure in the planning. Firstly, transportation system serves tourism combined with developing economic sectors and serving people; completing the technical infrastructure in important tourism places, areas in associated with investment promotion, management and exploitation of tourism potentials; building a road-map of embellishment, upgrading cultural and historical relics in a suitable way to promote investment efficiency; exploiting the existing infrastructure efficiency, especially the system of new high level hotels, restaurants...Especially, it is need to focus on investment for constructing Con Co island into tourism island; soon promulgate and implement  effectively the work of opening Con Co tour; focus on solving management mechanism, ensuring uniform, smooth, synchronous; construct essential for tourism activities ; have adequate policies for calling island tourism the same time, it is need to focus on investment for infrastructure construction of Cua Tung – Cua Viet area, this will be not only the biggest beach - island tourism center but also the starting place to Con Co.
Positive researching and promulgating some legal special mechanism and policies to strengthen investment for tourism development; focusing on resources and mobilizing effectively solutions to call strategic investors who has potentials and experience to create breakthrough progress. Supporting for formation of handicraft villages in order to create products for introducing about Quang Tri land, people which have ability for attracting tourists...
By many forms of information in the nation, the region and on the world, introducing tourism products, tourism business units and travels are able to serve well tourists. Prioritizing resources for the work of information, promotion, cooperation for tourism development. Enhancing transportation, human resource, budget to ensure implementing well the tasks of tourism promotion. The tourism enterprises must join community with government in order to promote business image, market survey, introduce tour, tourism products; at the same time, training the human resources, especially in term of skills and foreign languages... to attract tourists.
It is need to focus on training and strengthening tourism services quality in association with protecting environment, natural landscapes, historical relics and the value of intangible culture; associating economic development with improving national defense and people security, strengthening people’ knowledge, caring people’ life; creating condition for fishman in working, as well as attracting investors for researching, working in long term in zones of industry, services, tourism of province.
Strengthening propaganda works, promotion and improving awareness about Vietnam beaches’ products, which are friendly with environment; protecting beach – island borders and sovereignty, strengthening position and brand name of beach products of Quang Tri in particular and Viet Nam in general on the national and international market.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Van Dung
Translator: Trang Nhi

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