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Corporate affairs, investment promotion, building face and position of Quang Tri in 2016 have obtained effective achievements. Province has successfully hosted such many important events, including international and national ones. Corporate affairs of Party, diplomacy of State and People’s foreign policy have effectively strengthened. Quang Tri and international cooperation organizations’ relationships have been continuously achieving positive results. Our friendship with Salavan and Savannakhet of Laos has being consolidated and promoted also. Economic and cultural cooperation with localities on East – West of economic corridor have been extending.
Quang Tri Provincial leader works with US Department of State (source:
Quang Tri Provincial leader works with US Department of State (source:
Officials, Party members and people’s awareness on new opportunities and challenges in international integration has been significantly enhanced, specially understanding ASEAN Economic Community, ways to implement Vietnam’s commitments in the signing of liberal trading agreements for new generation. In 2016, Province has dispatched 100 groups/ 500 officials studying and working abroad as planned and approved; welcomed 189 groups/ 1.150 international tourists visiting and working in Quang Tri. It is special to greet Ireland President and his wife’s delegation visiting to Quang Tri. Departments and authorities’ have signed twenty two (22) international agreements, mainly for friendly cooperation, border management, support for ODA loan, Non-government aids. Fourteen (14) international conferences have been hold, including one hosted by Prime Minister. Diplomacy of Economy and East – West Economic Corridor has been promoted. Investment promotion and tourism advertisement conferences have successfully performed. Eighteen (18) projects with 10,208 billion Dong of total investment capital have been approved in principle in the conference of Provincial People’s Committee. Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) and investors have signed three (03) credit contracts with 3,492 billion Dong of total investment capital. BIDV committed to sponsor scientific research projects for building the social and economic development master plan of Quang Tri to 2035 and orientation to 2050. Many investment promotion activities have been performed, such as: Participated in investment promotion conference in Thailand, communicated with foreign affairs agencies in Vietnam, welcomed and worked with representatives of our investment promotion agency in foreign and with investors: Singapore, Korea, New Zealand, Becamax Binh Duong and so on.
 Province has mobilized thirty (30) new projects and non-project aids totaling nearly USD 5,860,000 as committed in 2016. National Non-Government Projects are consistent with orientation and aids of the province. ODA loan has been remarkably attracted. In this year, there were three (03) ODA projects with 796,617 billion Dong of total investment capital approved by Prime Minister, in which one (01) project at amount of 367,617 billion Dong and two (02) new projects with 453,578 billion Dong of non-refund foreign investment capital as approved by a loan agreement. Until now, Quang Tri has sixteen (16) effective and active FDI projects with over USD 54,155 million of total investment capital.
Province prepared profile of Vinh Moc tunnel proposed as World Heritage, reported to Chairman of UNESCO Vietnam and relevant competent authorities for essential assistance and guidance. Pre-feasibility research report on promotion and conservation project of Vinh Moc tunnel stage II’s value has been completed. Economic diplomacy cooperation, alternate meetings of political and social organizations and the public organizations have been regularly performed for experience exchanges among countries. Corporate affair communications by media helped international partners and investors to get further knowledge of history, land, human, potentiality, opportunity and demand to cooperate with Quang Tri. Province also participated in cooperative programs and development conferences on Trade – Investment – Tourism – Communications of three (03) provinces: Mucdahan (Thailand), Savannakhet (Laos) and Quang Tri (Vietnam); alternately held tradeshow and tourism-show, information exchange of culture and typical festivals each other. Also, Province actively performed corporate affair communication, extensively propagandized potentials and advantages of East – West Economic Corridor, widely popularized international economic integration, neighbor’s friendship, marine diplomacy, investment cooperation and so on.  
Management of the border and national territory has been properly interested. Province directed competent authorities jointly to organize dissemination of relevant legislation of border and international territory protection. Security of border is frequently protected, friendship of the two borders’ people is maintained, friendship of Viet – Laos is strengthened and of opposite villages is consolidated. Cooperative relationship of border polices and of two countries’ people is increasingly closed in compliance to Agreement of Viet – Laos Border Regulation. Necessary activities of East Sea and islands are focused. Province dispatched officials to visit and investigate management experiences of Ly Son and Cu Lao Cham islands to study for expansion of tourist routes to Con Co Island in the near future. 
 Foreign affair policy of Party and State in international relationship will be continuously effective in 2017. Closely coordinating corporate affairs of Party, diplomacy of State and People’s foreign policy, continuing and promoting friendship and traditional cooperation, extending cooperation with international organizations and countries in the world, especially for localities on East – West Economic Corridor and countries in the ASEAN region will be implemented. Relationship with neighboring provinces of Laos will be kept steady; building and consolidating border in peacefulness, friendship, cooperation, creating favorable environment for enterprises and the two borders’ people for settlement and economic cooperation must be. Foreign economic relations and extension of export marketing will be strengthened. Key and potential markets will be enhanced.  Organizing international economic integration plans, which focuses on specific solutions for each of branch, aspect, economic zone for efficient exploitation of their development opportunity and international economic integration will be implemented. Cooperation and its commitments with international and non-governments organizations for fully implementing projects of economy, humanitarian, charity, war remedy will be conducted. Foreign investment capital will be found, called and attracted.
Province will focus on effectively implementing targets proposed in provincial Party Congress Resolution of the XVI. Quang Tri will strengthen special friendship and its cooperation and investment effectiveness with Salavan and Savanakhet (Laos) in the new period. Entering this special friendship into the substance, depth and focus will be to bring real usefulness for each of country and province. To implement Direction No.45-CT/TW on economic diplomacy and Resolution No.22-NQ/TW dated April 10th, 2013 of the Politburo on international integration. Corporate affairs of Party, diplomacy of State and People’s foreign policy will be strongly coordinated. Unified management regulation of corporate affairs issued under Decision No.262-QĐ/TU dated June 06th, 2016 of Quang Tri Party Committee will be conducted. Cooperation agreements in writing of Quang Tri and Salvan, Savanakhet in period of 2017 – 2019 will be deployed. Cooperation of Quang Tri and provinces on East – West Economic Corridor will be speeded up. Relationship with the other countries and international organizations, special for South Korea, Japan and Thailand will be developed. Investment promotion based on discussed results of the first investment promotion conference in July, 2016 will continuously coordinated to implement. To strongly mobilize projects of foreign non-governmental aids in period of 2014 - 2017. Border management, security and social order at the border shall be strictly ensured; also, propaganda and education campaign for local people to build the border in peacefulness and friendship will be implemented. Free emigration and unregistered marriage as specified in Letter No.2867/KH-UBND dated August 21st, 2014 of Provincial People’s Committee will continuously solved. Investigation and statistic of Quang Tri People living and studying abroad and the possibility of future cooperation will be reviewed.
Corporate affairs reception and greeting foreigners visiting and working locally will be well-performed. Agenda and schedule of welcoming and working with senior delegations of Laos and Thailand’s provinces on East-West Economic Corridor visiting to Quang Tri will be prepared and development cooperation programs will be exchanged for assurance of this corporate affairs and cooperation. Coordinately build programs, plan and specific working agenda so that Provincial People’s Committee holds business groups abroad effectively and sparingly. Management of overseas business delegation according to Direction No.04/CT-UBND of Provincial People’s Committee will be evaluated. Events and anniversaries of diplomatic countries with Vietnam will be effectively celebrated such as the 25th anniversary celebration on diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and South Korea, etc.
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The tourism survey group from Le Mitchell travel company (Photo by: NVM)
Foreign Affairs Office’s the role in economic and social development through international integration of the province will be enhanced. Proactively approach opportunities and deal challenges in ASEAN15 Economic Community integration. Actively consult leadership in foreign affairs, international cooperation and efficiently exploit cooperation of economy, trading, investment and tourism etc., with foreign localities, special for Laos and Thailand’s provinces on East – West Economic Corridor.
Cooperation of economy, trade, investment, tourism… with other countries, particularly Laos and Thailand’s provinces on East – West Economic Corridor will be. Investment promotion activities in South – Eastern economic zone, La Lay economic zone and special trading and economic zone in Lao Bao will be focused. Access to investors in Singapore, Korea and Japan through diplomatic agencies, Vietnam trade and industry chambers, Vietnam trade office abroad will be strengthened. Training and fostering knowledge of international integration for the Staff and local enterprises will be intensified.
The international aid sources implemented locally will be managed and used effectively, approach and mobilize the new more funding. The development and policies will be built to encourage aid mobility. Aids go hand in the management of Non-Government Organizations’ activities in the province will be continuously enlisted. Organization of conference and workshop with the foreign elements will be coordinately managed. Promotion and mobilization programs of  of foreign non-governmental aids in period of 2017-2020 will be built. Supporting resources for fishermen to improve their livelihood after incidents of marine pollution will be strongly mobilized. Mobilization of foreign non-governmental aid will be oriented to be consistent with orientation of social - economic development of the province. Mobilization of foreign non-governmental aid resource will strive up to USD 06 million by 2017.
Province continues to strengthen the friendly relationship between Quang Tri and the two provinces of Savanakhet, Salavan (Laos); propagandas information on the border and the national territory; coordinately builds and manages the peaceful, friendly and cooperative borderline; speeds to propaganda Vietnam sea law, international treaties and legal regulations of marine security and order. Reinforcing protective embankment of landmark and completing legal profile of national border landmark system on the province will be done. Immigration of Laos’ residents to the border area of Quang Tri will be coordinately solved. 
Problems with foreign element arisen will be coordinated for solution according to the international rules. The province will synthetize essential corporate affairs information its executive leadership; propaganda information, introduces Quang Tri to international friends; maintain effectively foreign electronic information portal. Foreign press corps operating locally will be strongly managed and guided.  The functional agencies will make good management, advocacy, campaign and creating favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to contribute their effort to the hometown and country. The contents of the provincial scientific project “investigation and statistics of Quang Tri people living, studying abroad and the cooperation possibility in the future” will be continuously implemented and completed. Cooperation, economic development, tourism, trade with Laos and Thailand’s provinces on the East – West economic corridor will be promoted. The training cooperation program of Laos and Thailand languages signed Quang Tri and the provinces of these two countries will be continuously implemented. To support enterprise in trade, investment, labor cooperation, training, tourism, information… with Laos, Thailand, Myanmar’s provinces on the East – West Economic Corridor. Signed agreements of cooperation with Savanakhet, Salavan of Laos and Mukdahan of Thailand will be strongly monitored.
Effective and efficient solutions for implementation of foreign affairs need to be conducted. The resolutions, directives, the party's action program, the text of the Government on Foreign Affairs in the new situation will be implemented. The leadership, the direction of the party committees at all levels and the Government on foreign affairs will be promoted for assurance of its tightness and consistency, enhancing effectiveness and execution of the international cooperation. Administrative reform and the regulatory requirements of the State on foreign affairs during the renovation will be speeded up and meet. The mechanism and policy of foreign affairs and international cooperation will be continuously renovated. Difficulties in foreign affairs of agencies and localities in the province will be reviewed and support for resolution. To implement efficiently regulatory management system of foreign affair operations in the province. To closely coordinate political activities with foreign economic relations. Foreign affairs and foreign economic relations need strongly orienting into the effectiveness./.
Dr. Nguyen Van Dung
Translator: Ngo Thi

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