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Quang Tri is located in the centre of Vietnam, where has National Highway 1A intersects with Highway 9, which is the leading bridge of the East-West Economic Corridor through Lao Bao International Border Gate, linking Vietnam, Laos and other countries in the region. Coming to Quang Tri today is coming to the historical memories of the Great War that the Vietnamese people have experienced in the twentieth century; feeling the beauty of the sea, forest, island of the Central coast. A new and attractive journey to Quang Tri legendary land is waiting for visitors to explore.
Hien Luong bridge – Ben Hai river
Hien Luong bridge – Ben Hai river
Nostalgia history about the old battlefield
Being peaceful as other lands, but when the country was divided into the North and the South in the 1954-1975 war, Ben Hai River on the 17th parallel became famous as the temporary military boundary, Hien Luong Bridge has become a historical witness nearly 20 years of painful division of the country. Visitors come here will be told many stories about the struggle between Vietnam nation and the enemy, the endless endurance of people on both sides of the river. Many important items of the Hien Luong river banks have been restored, embellished vividly, attracting visitors. Hien Luong – Ben Hai relic has been recognized as a special national relic, be an indispensable destination in the DMZ tours for visitors to understand more about the spirit of the nation and the desire for peace and national unity of Vietnamese nation.
Every step of the journey on this land is to meet each place where marked by the passed cruel war, but there are also wonderful things which war can not steal the vitality of Quang Tri people. Coming to visit Vinh Moc tunnels, Vinh Linh, visitors may have that feelings.
Formed in 1965, the tunnel is like an underground ancient castle, this is a unique tunnel system that consists of many connected branches, through a 780m long spindle. The tunnel includes 3 floors with accommodation for households, halls, wells, Hoang Cam kitchen, especially maternity house. In the condition of bomb rains, the tunnel system protected for Vinh Moc people, moreover, they also fought bravely against the enemy on their homeland, they gathered, transported weapons and foods to support soldiers, and Con Co island as well. Domestic and foreign tourists come here more and more, not only to admire this unique construction, but also have the opportunity to feel, admire the talent, willpower and extraordinary energy of Vinh Linh people as well as Vietnamese people.
Quang Tri Ancient Citadel is located in the center of Quang Tri town, about 200 meters from Thach Han river on the South. The Citadel  is impressive, shining the symbol of revolutionary heroism with aspirations of freedom, independence. Bloods and bones of soldiers were dissolved under the soft green grasses, under the broken bricks, the spirit of soldiers forever sing the national historic songs. The bloody war during 81 days and nights at the Citadel is an important event that opens the way to the victory after. Every day, generations of Vietnamese people come here to burn incense for tens of thousands of soldiers who have become legends in this place. The ancient citadel is as a museum recording the noble sacrifices of many heroic soldiers and heroic Quang Tri people, is the address to educate patriotic traditions and attractions to attract national and international visitors.
Lying next to Thach Han River is the house of the General Secretary Le Duan who is the son of Quang Tri and also the leader of Vietnam Communist Party. In this memorial house, there were warm and close meetings between the General Secretary and the people, the local Party Committee. The house is place where expresses the respect of our nation to the contributions of the General Secretary Le Duan.
The memorial house to commemorate the General Secretary Le Duan
The journey takes tourits go along HCM trail, the legendary Truong Son road to historical places such as Khe Ho, Ben Tat suspension Bridge, Truong Son Martyrs National Cemetery. This is the attractive destinations of millions of people to commemorate relatives and more than 10,000 martyrs who bravely sacrificed along the HCM trail for national liberation..
Road 9 has come into legend by the glorious feats of our troops and people. More than 10 thousand heroic martyrs fought and died on Road 9 and Laos during the war against America. National Road 9 Cemetery is an eternal resting place of more than 10,000 martyrs who sacrificed heroically in the war against America. This is one of the historical evidence in the war which was violent but unyielding of our troops and people on the heroic Road 9 route.
Located on the legendary Road 9, Ta Con Air-base relic in Huong Hoa district - Quang Tri province is a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists on the DMZ tour – The remain Aircraft, cannons with the blockhouse and trenches system have helped tourits to visualize an unmatched defense that is considered by the US military as not only a "hard" but also the most dynamic position in a system of Khe Sanh base. However, because of the power of the Vietnamese People's Army for Khe Sanh liberation, Ta Con became the fire to the enemy. On 26 June 1968, the America troop had to open the way to withdraw from Khe Sanh - Ta Con, this is a historical relic that attracts many international tourists to visit in the nostalgic travel route back to the old battlefield.
Ta Con Air- base relic
Also located in Huong Hoa district, there is another famous relic: Lao Bao Prison, through the remain evidence which were kept and embellished to show clearly the crimes of French Colonialism; and give the feelings of the virtue and the gallantry of people who sacrificed bravely for the independence, freedom of the motherland.
The journey to Quang Tri is varied, lively with not only the tour back to the old battlefield but also ecotourism tour with wonderful beaches of this coastal countryside such as Cua Viet, Cua Tung, My Thuy beach, Gia Dang beach. Cua Viet was famous in the period against America, so far Cua Viet tourist service area has been identified as a highlight of tourism development in Quang Tri province. To form a sea - island tourism triangle, that is Cua Tung - Cua Viet - Con Co tourism area. This is a sea tourism service area on the East-West Economic Corridor.
Cua Tung beach belongs to Vinh Linh district - Quang Tri province with beautiful beaches, smooth white sand. Cua Tung beach has long been named as the Queen of the beaches. Here, the sea water is very warm, the sandy beach and the blue water are wonderful for tourists. But that is not all, the beauty of Cua Tung sea is also due to the geological structure of the nose of basalt protruding the sea to make the coast here romantic with many trees.
Far from the mainland, Con Co island looks like a golden turtle peeping out of the water, reminds of primary legend.
In Cua Viet and Cua Tung beach, there is not only wild and attractive beaches but also natural seafood, delicious dishes of Quang Tri. Lobster in Quang Tri has a fatty taste because they are fresh, eaten with green peppers. If you eat Quang Tri  lobster once, you will always remember the taste of the sea here.
Quang Tri Beach
Tra Loc is also a destination where should not be missed when visiting the sunny land of Central Vietnam. Come to Tra Loc eco tourism, visitors will be mixed with the nature, explore the beauty of the fauna and flora which is primary,  diverse and rare. Located in the middle of Tra Loc is a natural water pool so that visitors can fishing and enjoy the feeling of peace.
Quang Tri ecotourism continues to bring visitors to Dakrong Nature Reservation Area, which is responsible for protecting biodiversity values, precious and rare genetic resources, and protecting  typical ecosystems of the Truong Son Range. Here is a collection of rare plants and animals. In addition, the watershed protection forest provides water regulation for two rivers: Dakrong and Thach Han
The Dakrong suspension bridge
With the trip to Dakrong suspension bridge, tourists will visit the villages of PaCo, Van Kieu ethnic people. Following the guidance of the people here, you will visit the pure KLu hot spring with mineral spring temperatures over 800C. Tourists can enjoy boiled eggs by the stream.
The Dakrong conservation area is also a unique community cultural tourism destination because tourists can visit Van Kieu - Pa Co ethnic minority. Resilient peoples in the war against foreign aggression. There are two villages: Xa Lang and KLu welcome tourists to visit. Living in geographical conditions of Quang Tri highlands, but they are still soulful souls, still keep many unique identity in their costumes and traditional dances.
The formation of the community tourism will help Van Kieu, Pa Co people have conditions to maintain, develop, promote the traditional handicraft products such as brocade weaving, cooking wine, wicker, do Musical instruments, as well as preserving the cultural festivals, cuisines with high values of cultural tradition.
Continuing on the eco-tourist route, tourists will discover the Prai Cave which located about 2km from Vietnam-Laos border on the East. This is a very large and tall primary cave, with triangular door can be passed through by many people. The cave has many yellow and white stalactites with different shapes. Inside, there are also wide ranges of reefs and small streams. Going deeply inside, Prai cave has many large and beautiful stalactites. There is also Ta Puong Waterfalls - a wonderful natural waterfall in the watershed of Se-Banghiang River without human intervention. This is a new tourism attraction which is extremely attractive and lively in Quang Tri ecological tourism route.
Prai Cave
Spiritual - cultural tourism
After many years, Sac Tu Tinh Quang pagoda in Trieu Phong district, is still a famous pagoda of Buddhism.
La Vang Pilgrimage Center is located in Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province. This is a large pilgrimage center of Vietnamese Catholics, annually attracting thousands of Catholics, domestic and foreign visitors.
Annually, on April 30, the anniversary of the unification of the country, the national re-unification festival was organized in association with the historical relics of Hien Luong - Ben Hai river banks. This is the festival honoring the victory of Viet Nam nation in the struggle for liberation of the South and national re-unification.
Re-unification Festival
The night of light flowers for the heroic martyrs on Thach Han river is annually held on the anniversary of the liberation of Quang Tri Town 1/5, the National Day 2/9, the wounded soldiers martyrs Day 27/7, Lunar New Year, light flower festival on the Thach Han river is monthly held on the night of 14th in lunar calendar becomes a spiritual festival which deeply imprinted in the heart of each Vietnamese people and visitors.
The lighting candle program at Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery is annually held on the wounded soldiers martyrs Day 27/7 at Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery where is the resting place of over 10,000 martyrs all over the country.
East-West corridor tourism
Quang Tri tourism prospers normally through the Trans-Asian way. Daily, visitors go to Lao Bao border gate, Quang Tri very easy, from here, visitors can go to Laos and then Thailand, Myanmar. Tourism tour for one day to eat rice from 3 countries is reality. Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Zone is one of the important border gate economic zones with diversified free-tax goods. Tourism on the East-West corridor has become an attractive new tourism brand on the ASEAN map. The nights of trans-Asia festival is a chance to connect potential advantages of culture and tourism in the development and international economic integration of Quang Tri province.
Quang Tri goes through the hardships of war. After more than 40 years, Quang Tri has develop economy and society by new opportunities and potentials. Dong Ha city has become a big, spacious modern city with many shopping centers, visitors visit Dong Ha market with all kinds of attractive goods. Quang Tri Museum is a place to introduce the values ​​of cultural heritage of Quang Tri people. This is an attractive destination for visitors.
Quang Tri - every day, the villages, towns, the city has always changed. The journey brings us to each page of history. Respecting Quang Tri which is brave in  the war. Each place of this land contributed to the epic of Vietnam, each soul died for the national liberation so that our country live in the peace with the seas, forests, island of Quang Tri today on Trans-Asia route.
Author: Nguyen Hai Quang
Translator: Trang Nhi

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