The beauty of the waterfalls in Quang Tri Western

Tuesday - 19/06/2018 09:44
If you come to Quang Tri, you should rent a motorbike and explore this land which is hidden in it many wonderful things. The western land of Quang Tri with many hills is really an attractive destination to discover the beautiful waterfalls.
Chenh Venh waterfall (Photo by Luu Tuan Anh)
Chenh Venh waterfall (Photo by Luu Tuan Anh)
Chenh Venh waterfall:
Starting from Dong Ha city, you follow the legendary National Highway 9 to come to the gentle Khe Sanh land, like Da Lat of Quang Tri. Arrive Khe Sanh, you come to Victory Monument Khe Sanh, where is the memory of the military and our people in the victory of Khe Sanh. Then, you turn right and follow Ho Chi Minh road to come to Pho Phung market. Throughout the market, run about 2 km more you will come to the foot of the Sa Mu Pass, where the Chenh Venh waterfall is hidden.
If you want to enter the waterfall, go to the gate of production group 9 and ask the workers the way to enter the waterfall. They will give you directions. To go to the waterfall, you have to walk 500m and must climb through a big rock in the middle of the falls and streams. The water of the four-season waterfalls is cool, fresh for you to swim in... You can organize meals, picnic or camping at this waterfall to join the cool waterfall and do not forget to clean and collect leftovers.
The under Ta Puong waterfall
On the way to the Chenh Venh waterfall, you cross the Sa Mu pass to go to the Ta Puong village, Huong Lap commune, Huong Hoa district.
Ta Puong Village Gate (Photo: Luu Tan Anh)
Before coming in the village, you should buy candies and balloons for children in the village and ask them to help you go to the under Ta Puong waterfall.
The road to the waterfall must cross the forest and the slope is large, so you should prepare the shoes which have good grip and a long coil of wire to go down easier. After going through that difficult road, you will hear the sound of high water pouring down. Come closer, you will be surprised by the beauty of the waterfall. Every fatigue seems to disappear.
 The under Ta Puong waterfell (Photo: Luu Tuan Anh)
The upper Ta Puong waterfall
After exploring the under Ta Puong waterfall, you go back to the stream. At this time, the wire which you carry is the thing for you to cross the waterfall. Be careful because many mosses will cause slipping. On the way back you will meet the upper Ta Puong waterfall. The height of the waterfall from 20m to 30m is also very beautiful.
The upper Ta Puong Waterfall (Photo by Luu Tuan Anh)
The water from the waterfall top pours down like white silk. When exploring all the two waterfalls, if you have time, you should explore the Moon Ta Puong cave which is nearby right away.
The Love waterfall
On the legendary West Branch of Ho Chi Minh road, there is also a waterfall. The people here call it Love waterfall. To get to the waterfall, you also follow the way to the Ta Puong waterfall, instead of turning to Ta Puong village, continue to follow the West Ho Chi Minh road, cross the Se Pang Hieng bridge, continue about 3 km, looking at the right side of the road you will see the Love waterfall behind the high trees. You should stop in the street and go deeply into the waterfall. It can be considered as the most easy waterfall to discover.
The Love waterfall (Photo: Luu Tuan Anh)
Se Dang waterfall (also called Ka Rao waterfall)
Unlike the three above waterfalls that almost everyone knows, Ka Reo waterfall is located in A Doi commune, Huong Hoa. The road to the waterfall is quite difficult but the riders can still discover it. From Dong Ha city, you follow Highway 9 to Lao Bao town, arrive Tan Long 3-way crossroad (where has the most crowded banana market in Quang Tri), turn left to run into the center of A Doi commune. Go to A Doi primary school, you ask the local people the way to the Ka Reo waterfall, the people there will help you. Following the instructions of the local people, you will meet the Border Guard. You can park your motors, cars there and ask for permission to visit the waterfall. The soldiers here are friendly to guide you. To go to the waterfall, you go along the stream bank about 30 minutes. As this is the border area, you need to bring your personal identification. The waterfall has moderate height but it is very beautiful, which make you forget about the fatigue of the journey you have just crossed.
Kareo waterfall (Photo by Le Phuong)
Not only the pristine waterfalls, but the West of Quang Tri also has many attractive destinations, always welcome your footsteps to discover, experience, to see this land hidden in it many beautiful scenes.
Lưu Tuấn Anh

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