Quang Tri has many ideal places for camping

Tuesday - 19/06/2018 09:53
On hot summer days, people often go to the beach to enjoy the cool air and to be immersed in the fresh water. If you have time to stay for camping on the beach, you will feel deeply the peaceful beauty of the sea and welcome a bright dawn in the early morning.
Quang Tri has many ideal places for camping (Photo by Ngo Thi)
Quang Tri has many ideal places for camping (Photo by Ngo Thi)
Cua Viet beach is about 15km from Dong Ha city. After the hard working days, especially in the burned sunshine of the stifling summer, why don’t you go to Cua Viet beach?, the cool air by the sea wind will welcome you there.
On the way from Dong Ha, you will feel the featured smell of Cua Viet fishing village. Taking notice two sides, you can see the sea food sold by the local people. You should buy some fresh octopus and fish for the barbecue in the evening.
You should try to camp early to take time for swimming when the sun has not set completely. This is the ideal bathing time because the sun is no longer too harsh, and it is so poetic and peaceful of the sea in the late afternoon.  Looking up, the sky appears thinly some dim stars, just waits for shining when the sun sets. Cua Viet beach is often crowded with visitors for dining, swimming in the afternoon. On the weekends, the students gather here to take pictures and play the interesting games.
After bathing, you get the prepared food to bake and eat on the sea coast. The wind becomes colder at the deep night. The wind keeps blowing every time. If it is not so hard, you can collect dried firewood to burn up and gather around for some folk games. The sky is taller and brighter at night when a bundle of stars are racing to shine. Looking out to the sea, you can see the light from many types of ships which are angling for fish or squid… Until the game ends, everyone gets back to their camp for resting and for seeing the dawn in the early tomorrow morning.

Dawn in Cua Viet beach (Photography by Luu Tuan Anh)
Each place has a different beauty, but the sunrise on the beach is actually unforgettable memory.
The sky is just brighter; the sun rises slowly from the horizon, pouring a little pink on the sea. The sea changes its color so quickly, like someone just accidentally drops a giant paint bucket down. The color of both the sky and the sea are changed continuously, sometimes with yellow or light pink or blue. The sun has just risen, making the space wider, and the sea waves are still chasing each other, soughing and touching the sand. The dawn as a colorful picture makes the man’s heart so peaceful to start a new day.
Apart from Cua Viet beach, Quang Tri also has a lot of beautiful camping places which are ideal destinations for the visitor this summer: Co Dau ecological park, Treo headland – Vinh Linh, Rao Quan hydroelectric lake – Huong Hoa…
Co Dau ecological park with 134.2 ha in width is the “green lung” of Dong Ha city. This is the place where the local people choose for relaxing, playing sports, camping and picnics on the weekend… The park has a well-aired landscape made by a wide range of palm trees with so many years old. Trung Chi lake is the heart of Co Dau, always filled with the water stream, whether it is rainy season or drought season, to keep the park for green space with both fresh trees and fresh water. When camping here, you will feel like you are lost in a small forest, out of the city noise.
The green space in Co Dau Ecological Park (Photo by Ngo Thi)
From Dong Ha, going along Cua Tung, Cua Viet beach to the North, there is another very interesting campsite – Treo headland.
Dawn in Treo headland (Photo by Luu Tuan Anh)
Treo headland is located in Vinh Kim commune, Vinh Linh district, about 40km from Dong Ha city and 110km from Hue city. Treo headland is a strip of land surrounding the sea, where is a red basaltic hill jutted out to form a natural structure with a little risky and unusual romantic beauty. Treo headland is about 25 – 30m above the sea level, is one of the favorite destinations for those who love backpacking tourism and for youngsters to camp and take wedding photos.

Dawn in Rao Quan
(Photography by Ngo Thi)
Located in the West of Quang Tri, Rao Quan lake is the most reasonable stop after a day of exploring Chenh Venh waterfall or Ta Puong waterfall. It is about 60km from Dong Ha city on the West. This area is a large, laid-back lake, surrounded by a small forest. In the dry season, the water level is not too high, so that the empty ponds around the lake are bare. The space in the afternoon is also very quiet. Standing high on the slope, the sunset on the lake is a colorful picture: the red and green of camps, the dark yellow of grasses, the turquoise of smoke, deep blue of mountains far away...
Can’t wait, the summer is coming, choose for yourself the place, the "new road" to find out, experience and truly immerse in the nature of Quang Tri land!
Ngô Thị

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