The attractive destinations in Quang Tri (on the South)

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The South of Quang Tri is famous for some tourism places as: Sac Tu Pagoda, Mai Quoc Ca Statue, Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, The Commemoration House to commemorate the General Secretary Le Duan, La Vang Pilgrimage Center, Tra Loc Ecotourism and My Thuy Beach.
To Dinh Sac Tu Pagoda (from: internet)
To Dinh Sac Tu Pagoda (from: internet)
Sac Tu Pagoda:
Sac Tu Pagoda (also known as Tinh Quang Tu) is located on a hill on the southwest of Ai Tu village, Ai Tu townlet, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province; takes about 1km from Highway 1A on the west. This pagoda is ranked as national relics in 1991 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
This is one of the oldest pagoda in Quang Tri, and the only pagoda of “ Bac giao” buddihism sect – the spirial symbol of Buddihism. Affter 250 years, this pagoda still keeps its importance of Quang Tri traditional and human value.
This pagoda has 837m2 area, including: the main hall in the middle with 30m length and 26m width to workship the Buddha. The both sides and rear are To Duong, Tang xa, living room…The pagoda still preserves a high artistic value artifacts: the statue of Buddha Amitabha Buddha.
For a long time, the name “Sac Tu Pagoda” has became very familiar to Quang Tri people. Come here, tourits not only can enjoy solemn and peaceful scenery of an famous ancient pagoda but also can pray for the most sacred and noble things.
Mai Quoc Ca Statue:
Leaving To Dinh Sac Tu pagoda, tourits move to the South about 4,2km, it will be Mai Quoc Ca statue which is located at the beginning of Thach Han brige.
On 10th, April, 1972, 20 soldiers of Mai Quoc Ca platoon had task to bring 100kg of gunpowder to destroy Quang Tri bridge in order to cut the aid of the enemy from South to North, to create conditions for our troops to occupy Quang Tri battlefield. However, Mai Quoc Ca platoon was out and surrounded by enemy aircraft, tanks, and many elite soldiers. Therefore, Mai Quoc Ca Platoon was in the middle of the siege of the enemy. With the heroic fighting spirit, 20 soldiers bravely repulsed many enemy attacks. At the end of the war, the brave soldiers kept attacking until 19 soldiers were killed and 1 soldier was injured.
In 1996, to commemorate Mai Quoc Ca platoon, the Ministry of Transport and Quang Tri Province built the Mai Quoc Ca platoon commemoration statue. The Statue has stele which inscribed 20 red hearts as an undying symbol of brave pririt and heroic sacrifice of the platoon. The statue smulates 20 drops of blood by 20 bright red hearts.
Tourits come here to visit Mai Quoc Ca memorial statue and express gratitude to soldiers. Who once visited did not hide the admiration of the brave fighting spirit of history Mai Quoc Ca platoon.
Tượng đài Mai Quốc Ca
Mai Quoc Ca statue (Source: internet)
Quang Tri Ancient Citadel:
It takes about 2,6 km from Mai Quoc Ca statue to Quang Tri ancient citadel. Quang Tri ancient citadel is located in the center of Quang Tri town, ward 2; takes about 2km from Highway 1A on the East.
Quang Tri ancient citadel was the headquarter of Nguyen King in Quang Tri. This was the central province in the France period and the south government. In the war librate Quang Tri in 1972 of libration army. Quang Tri ancient citadel is known by glorious victories, brave sacrifices in the war protecting Quang Tri town in 81 historical days and nights. This  famous historical relic is ranked as national relic in 1986, special national relic in 2013 by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.
After being destroyed in the war, the Ancient Citadel today is reconstructed into commemoration park with many items as: the centre commemoration place, the museum,… and outside exhibition areas. Currently, the Ancient Citadel is managed, protected well for tourism, bring great economic and social benefits. Quang Tri Ancient Citadel is the traditional place for all Vietnamese generations. This is sacred space, a heroic place of fire period, a address for educating patriotic tradition as well as attractive destination for national and international tourits.
Coming to the Citadel, tourits will be wallowed in a quiet, sacred space, to see the resurgence of the land after a long time of bomb rains and bullet storms. Coming to the Citadel is coming to the spiritual and nostalgic place of the most sacred things. More than forty years have passed, but the remaining evidences in the Citadel make people cry for a past which is painful but pride. The steps of recovery back to the Citadel for gratitude.. The Ancient citadel today has become a special spiritual tourism destination. The grass was still soft and gentle, holding the patches of war, of pain and loss. Green grass reminds today's generation not to be inadvertent to those who have sacrificed for national peace, reunification and liberation..                                                                                                                      
Thành cổ Quảng Trị
Quang Tri Ancient Citadel (Photo by Ngo Van Minh)
The Commemoration House to commemorate the General Secretary Le Duan
The Commemoration House is located on the banks of Thach Han River, in Hau Kien village, Trieu Thanh commune, Trieu Phong district; takes about 3km from the center on the East. The Commemoration House is a place of honor, gratitude and respectation of the Party, Goverment and people in general and Quang Tri people in particular for the revolutionary works of the outstanding leader of Vietnam, the son of Quang Tri's hometown - the General Secretary Le Duan.
The Commemoration House is one of the historical vestiges of the " Commemoration Site of The General Secretary Le Duan" – be ranked as the national relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism in 2010. This is a place to keep memories associated with youth and revolutionary years of Comrade Le Duan in his hometown with the existence and development of revolutionary movement of the Party and Quang Tri people during the two wars of resistance against French and American. The memoration site is a place for educating patriotism and national pride, and is one of the addresses of traditional education and cultural activities for generations not only in Quang Tri but also in the whole country.
Nhà lưu niệm cố Tổng Bí thư Lê Duẩn
The Commemoration House (source: Internet)
Tra Loc eco-tourism Area:
Tra Loc eco-tourism area is an attractive eco-tourism area in Quang Tri Province, located in Tra Loc Village, Hai Xuan Commune, Hai Lang District; About 6km from Quang Tri town on the south-east;  about 5 km from La Vang Pilgrimage Center on the north-east; about 3km from Highway 1A on the northeast.
Tra Loc is a charming painting, an eco-tourism destination, attractive and ideal place for picnic. In the hot summer days or the warm autumn days, tourists come to Tra Loc will enjoy, breathe the fresh air of “the natural lung”.
The whole scene of Tra Loc is a rich, diversifiled, pristine, rustic ecosystem as never has the impact of human hands. Surrounding the lake are clusters of forests with large and small trees, especially mangroves and vines interlaced across the head. Here, tourits can feel the green of the forest, can feel the breath of life peacefully and peacefully. Near the lake are some small houses, where tourits can enjoy the view, wind. It is an ideal destination for picnic, party and  meeting with friends.
Come to Tra Loc, tourits also enjoy many delicious specialties of Quang Tri. Tra Loc is truly a place to preserve many rare plant genes, unique vegetation and abundant aquatic species, an ecotourism associated with the tourist route Thanh Co ancient citadel  - La Vang pilgrimage center – My Thuy beach.
Trằm Trà lộc
Tra Loc eco-tourism area (Source: Internet)
La Vang pilgrimage Center
La Vang pilgrimage center is located in Hai Phu Commune, Hai Lang District, takes 16km from Dong Ha city on the southwest. In August, 1798 (Canh Thinh King’s reign), there was a ban on religion. religious people came to La Vang and were witnessed by Blessed Virgin Mother Mary to "Save the souls" of the laity. From 1886 to 1900, the Church was repaired more spacious. In 1961, La Vang Church was officially recognized by the Catholic as the "Cathedral Basilica." Every year, in the middle of August, the laity from all over the world go to pilgrimage to pray and participate in festivals.
La Vang Church has been restored and rebuilt many times. Come here, tourits  can see the beauty of Vietnamese architecture style through the shape of roofs, house style…. In addition, tourits will also be attracted by 15 statues which represent 15 mysteries.
Since the center was constructed, every year on August 15 at La Vang center, there is a pilgrimage festival known as "Palanquin" (every three years, there is a large "Palanwuin", called “ La Vang festival”). Pilgrims come here to buy leaf of “vang” tree which is used as herbal leaf. It is cool, fresh, healthy and antibacterial leaf, which is good for women after giving birth. Also, tourits come here to make pilgrimages and pray for the blessings that Catholics believe that Virgin Mother will bless.
Nhà thờ La Vang
La Vang Pilgrimage Center (photo: Hoang Cong Thuc)
My Thuy Sandy Coast
My Thuy sandy beach is located in Hai An commune, Hai Lang district, takes 18km from Hai Lang town on the East, 26km from Quang Tri town on the South East. The beach is as the white silk stripes in the calm blue sea, very suitable for the resort, bathing of tourists. My Thuy Beach attracts tourits by its pristine beauty. This place promises to be an attractive destination of tourits. Every year in the summer, My Thuy beach has attracted a large number of tourits. My Thuy Beach has smooth and sandy beaches, which are well suited for walking along the coast, or organizing teambuilding and swimming. it is not easy to make people forget the moments of enjoying the peaceful here.
Not only attracting the landscapes, people and cuisine in My Thuy are very special. Come here, tourits will enjoy fresh seafoods which have cheap price at the restaurant near the beach. The specialties of the beach are processed simply by local people that you should try such as Banh Loc (cassava cakes), Chao bot, long sa...
Miền Cát biển Mỹ Thủy
My Thuy Beach (Source: Internet)
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