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Cua Tung Beach
Cua Tung beach has very white and fine sandy coast, blue and clear water, smooth and gentle wave like sweet kisses on slopingly sandbank, curving in arch. In summer, when Laos wind bring stiflingly and dry heat through the Center area, the fresh and cool presence of Cua Tung beach becomes more attractive and impresses tourists. The beauty of Cua Tung beach is not less than Sam Son, Nha Trang or Vung Tau. Therefore, Cua Tung beach used to be called “Queen” of beaches.
Cua Viet Beach
Cua Viet beach belongs to Gio Linh district, far from Trans-Asia road about 1km on the North, and Dong Ha city 15km on the Southeast. The beach has large area, white sand and clear blue sea water. Especially, on the beach there is green poplar row for shading to ease the sunny light of the “flame area” Quang Tri in summer. At present Quang Tri is investing for a large-scale tourism-service area to attract tourists, especially tourists from East-West Economic Corridor. 
My Thuy Beach
My Thuy beach belongs to Hai An commune, Hai Lang district, 18km away from Hai Lang town on the East, 26km from Quang Tri town on the Southeast. From far view, the beach is like a white silk string beside unevenful clean blue water, suitable for relax and swimming. In recent years, My Thuy beach attracted many tourists due to its primary beauty. In the future, My Thuy beach will become an attractive destination for tourists, because Quang Tri tourism is investing in building a high quality resort.
Trieu Lang Beach
Trieu Lang is a long and beautiful beach located in Trieu Lang commune, Trieu Phong district. Trieu Lang beach always attracts tourists by wild landscapes, white sand coast, clear blue sea and green casuarina trees running along with their shadow which not only makes the landscape more beautiful but also becomes an enjoinable resting place for the tourists in the summer day. In addition to bathing, visitors also can enjoy seafood fishing by Trieu Lang fishermen.
Vinh Kim - Vinh Thai beach
Vinh Kim - Vinh Thai is coastal communes of Vinh Linh district where there is a long view beach with many beauty spots impressed people. Like some other beaches of the province, this beach has fine white sandy coast, long and very clean. Once visitting, tourists can enjoy swimming in clear water and blue wave, eating popular dishes prepared by rural people. In the future, this beach will be planed to be a high quality resort serving demand of domestic and international tourists.
Dakrong landscape
Dakrong landscape located on two sides of National Road No 9, in the vicinity of Dakrong district, is a common name for an imposing and lyrical natural landscape of the Western mountainous area of Quang Tri. There is beautiful Dakrong river that hold inside her legends of humanism and epic; graceful and firmly Dakrong suspension bridge among the green view of land, sky and forest, mountain; a natural reservation zone and a natural mineral water mine that is exploited to serve tourists.
Gio Stream
Gio Stream located in the Western area of Cam Lo distric, abut on the South of Dakrong district. Gio Stream is a pure water slot with beautiful natural landscape, forming a wonderful picture of charming natural view. This is a perfect resting place and visiting destination for tourist.
Klu Hot Spring
Not far from Dakrong suspension bridge in the northeast there is Kalu hot spring. According to researchers, this spring has high content of carbonate, ca/cl, metasilich, these subtains are useful in supporting digestion and curing inflammation. In the future, this will be a fanstatic resort and tourism destination for tourist and people in the area.
Cat Village
Van Kieu people’s Cat village located in Dakrong district, Quang Tri province, has been a enjoinable destination of the tourist. Coming to Cat village, visitors can enjoy brocade making career, native cuisine, and buy some brocade products made by the people of Cat village as a gift for the beloved relatives.
Pako ethnic group’s long house
The typical of all is Ta Rut long house, the name of Ta Oi mountain village, Ta Rut commune, Dakrong district, locating beside National Road No.14 (Truong Son road), 50km from Dakrong suspension bridge in the South. The whole village has 7 long houses and many other short houses that are built together along two road sides. The longest house is Vo Kieu (56m). Long house (Dung in Ta Oi language) is a typical house architecture of Pako ethnic group. This is a cultural product that was intergrated due to common residence process of many families having the same blood relation, gathering in an architectural and a common cultural living space. Long house represents typical and original cultural feature of Pako ethnic group in Quang Tri, different from other groups in Vietnam.
Tra Loc Pool
This is a primitive forest-pool-pond area belonging to Tra Loc hamlet, Hai Xuan commune, Hai Lang district. Tra Loc pool is a lyrical water and forest picture, an interesting and perfect ecological tourism and sightseeing destination. In hot summer days as well as warm autumn days, tourists will enjoy viewing and breathing pure air made by natural green lung presented by nature, that is mixing with lotus and rice smell.
Ru Linh Primitive Forest
Ru Linh is located on a red balastic hill belonging to Vinh Hien and Vinh Hoa communes, Vinh Linh district. Ru Linh is a primitive forest of about 100ha at the hight of 94m. When visit Ru Linh, we will breath pure air, even when it is very hot, ground surface is still shady and fresh. On the tree, birds all sing together to make the forest noisy.
Lao Bao International Border Gate
Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Area

This is a famous international Border Gate not only to domestic but also to international tourists, because it is the gate connecting Vietnam with countries in the area like Laos, Thailands and Myanmar. Lao Bao international Border Gate is an essential destination in the Quang Tri exploration route of tourist.
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Translator: Minh Phuong

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