Prai cave, Ta Puong cave and Ta Puong waterfall

Thursday - 06/07/2017 14:55
Quang Tri Western is famous with many potential tourism destinations which have preserved the pristine beauty of the mountainous area such as: Prai cave, Ta Puong cave and Pa Tuong waterfall.
Prai cave (Photo: Internet)
Prai cave (Photo: Internet)
Prai Cave is located near the bank of Se-bang-hieng river, in A Xoc village, Huong Lap commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, about 2km from Vietnam-Laos border on the East, 90km from Lao Bao international border gate, 70km from Khe Sanh town, 150km from Dong Ha city on the North-West. In recent years, Prai Cave has made many visitors fascinate because of its wild beauty with many stalactite blocks that lasted hundreds of years.
According to residents here, Prai Cave was discovered long time ago. During the war, people and soldiers entered the Cave to avoid bombs from enemy. Until now, the beauty of the Prai Cave is only known through “the mouth” of resident. Sometimes, there are some tourists or indigenous people go into the Cave to explore. The road to Prai Cave is quite convenient, just go along the Se-banghiang stream - the famous backward river about 1km to go to Prai Mountain. Climbing the range of 100 meters to go to the cave entrance ...
Prai Cave is wider when coming in deeply. There are colorful and massive stalactites with unique shapes;  primary and large rocks; fresh and cool air. Prai Cave has the structure of a typical cave, a dry cave; the cave is made from limestone mountains; Inside, there are many stalagmites, rocks, rocky cliffs ... with many different shapes and colors. Coming in more deeply, there are a lots of massive stalactite lasted hundreds of years.
Ta Puong cave and Ta Puong waterfall
Ta Puong Cave: From Se-bang-hieng bridge, going across Ho Chi Minh Trail and along the stream about 20 minutes, it is Ta Puong wet cave.
To go to Ta Puong cave, visitors have to go through a stream, forest and climb high sloping street. The cave has wide gate, high ceiling, wide space, one side is short – flowing river, other side is large space made by sands. The number of  stalactites is not much but they have many unique shapes.
Ta Puong Waterfall: From Ta Puong Cave, going along the stream about 10 minutes, it is Ta Puong waterfall. The waterfall is 30-35m hight, with large water flow, maintained throughout the year. Ta Puong waterfall majestically pouring water all year, like the white silk in the forest, with the primary and charming beauty of Quang Tri western.
Thác Tà Puồng
Ta Puong Waterfall (photo by Nguyen Hai Quang)
The survey group of Le Mitchell Limited Company at Ta Puong Waterfall
(Photo by Nguyen Hai Quang)
Prai Cave, Ta Puong Cave and Ta Puong  Waterfall are located adjacent to each other, are extremely attractive and interesting destinations for those who like exploring the mysterious beauty of mountains, waterfalls and caves. Hopefully, in the future, the beauty of Prai cave, Ta Puong cave and waterfall will be invested for tourism development by national and international investors, projects, enterprises, departments and unions.
Author: Trang Nhi
Translator: Trang Nhi

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