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Come to Quang Tri, tourists not only enjoy visiting and exploring historical relics which had made great victories; wonderful landscaple, but also enjoy delicious dishes from fresh sea foods. Types like lobster, mud crab, sentinel crab, grouper, squid, screw, conger eel... after being processed by talent restaurant chefs, all become delicious dishes. Steamed lobster, boiled mud crab, sentinel crab, fried or grilled half-dry cattle fish, grouper hot spot, baked conger eel... these dishes together with a cup of famous Kim Long wine will be so interesting. 
Goats are raised free-range on high hills and mountains by local people, therefore their meat is good-smell and delicious. From goats, chefs can process to make many wonderful dishes like: raw goat blood soup, rare goat by lemon, goat with fried rice powder, goat hot pot, baked goat... When visiting special commercial-economic Lao Bao, tourists should not forget to enjoy dishes made from goat meat together with some cup of beer or wine, this will be very fantastic.
Smoked veal is processed in all our country, but smoked veal of Quang Tri wind and sun land may be more delicious, because veals are raised free-range to eat grass and other kinds of forest leafs, so their meat are sweet-smelling, moreover, they are processed by chefs to become dishes like smoked veal mixed with fried rice powder, smoked veal with green banana, sour star fruit, kinds of fines herbs, drinking with cold fresh beer or some cups of Kim Long rice wine will be wonderful.
This dish is made from young buffalo meat, processed into stir-fried, steamed, baked dishes, especially together with “Trơơng” leaf - a kind of tree which has leaf with thorn that is uncultivated in Quang Tri mountain area. Young leaf has sweet and typical hot smell. Currently, buffalo meat is a specility that tourists can not forget when visiting Huong Hoa- Lao Bao.
Sa chitterling or also called Tha chitterling due to primary feature of this spice. Normally, people use pig blood or duck blood, pour into the pot of water, add spices, release chitterling into the boiled oi when the pot is boiled carefully, ladle into a bowl. This kind of gruel must have a little bit of well-cooked rice and green bean, have both plain chitterling and group chitterling.
Banh canh gruel or also called Vat Giuong gruel or Powder gruel. The name is due to the main material to make the gruel is fried rice powder put into boiled water, arrange into each thin piece, cut into long bar like bamboo bed bar. Powder cooked with snake-head. Snake head is carefully processed, then fried with flat and onion for absorbing spice, then poured into boiled water pol then releasing rice straw into the pot, add onion and coriander, chili and peper. Banh canh gruel is wel-known all over Quang Tri, but the most delicious gruel must be in Dien Sanh commune, Hai Lang district.
Glutinous rice cake is very carefully made by Quang Tri people. In order to have a fragrant and soft cake, not only sweet but also eye-catching, require very skilful hands of maker. Before, people only make cake in Tet holiday, but at present, to meet the demand of tourists, cakes are sold everywhere in the province.
This kind of cake is made by tapioca powder, filterd to get starch, then boiled a small part, kneaded carefully to make cake. The filling of cake is usually made by shrimp mixing with spices (in some areas filling is made by big pulp or combination of shrimp-pork). After pulling into cake, the cake is packed by banana leaf and steamed in a bain marie. This is a popular dish in Quang Tri as well as in other central provinces.
Sticking on seaside rock, gracilarioa looks like a brown dodder co top of each thread coil like a fishhook. May be the name gracilaria is based on that shape. With the cool, sweet and soft features, this kind of gracilaria is usually processed to make plain rice flan cake with gracilaria by seamen. After being cleaned, gracilaria is well boilded and poured by each cup on edible leaves or into mould. The sweet taste and cool fragrant smell of cake supports much for digestion. This speciality is available in Cua Tung, Vinh Thai beach, Vinh Linh district.
Waterscrew is planted mostly in Hao Son village, on terraced fields crossing narrow valley which are always irrigated by water from ancient wells. Formely, waterscrew was used to serve kings and courtess.
Waterscrew is a clean vegetable, can be processed to many delicious dishes like salad, stir-frying with beet sweet and sour grated salad... popular with many people
Jackfruit is a kind of fruit that has been welknown for long time of Vietnamese. Beside eating ripe jackfruit, in some areas people use young jackfruit to make jackfruit salad, among these is Quang Tri’s people. Green young jackfruit is cut into thin slices and soaked in weak solution of salt and water, then quickly boiled to reduce acerbity. After that, jackfruit is mixed with sliced pork, added with herbs, roasted peanut, fish sauce... eating with flapjack is very wonderful.
This is an indispensable dish in restaurants, because it is simple, easy to make, meet quickly demands of visitors. Young tofu is fried by chefs still hot with herbs, shrimp sauce, garlic, chili, lemon, enjoy with cup of spicy wine is wonderful.
This a national small chicken, is raised freely in rural area, mountainous and hilly area. Its meat is good-smell, soft. Chicken is kept in bamboo cage, when you want to eat which one, the restaurant will follow your interest.
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Translator: Trang Nhi

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