Open letter from Mr. Nguyen Duc Chinh - The chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People Committee

Friday - 22/12/2017 09:49
Quang Tri province has strategic location, which is on national main transportation roads, North-South railway and seaway; It borders the Central Key Economic Zone and the first point of Vietnam on the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) via Lao Bao International Border Gate. These are the advantages for the province to promote economic, trade, tourism and investment development and cooperation in the region, especially with the ASEAN countries and The greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).
Mr. Nguyen Duc Chinh - The chairman of Quang Tri provincial People Committee
Mr. Nguyen Duc Chinh - The chairman of Quang Tri provincial People Committee

During the past time, thanks to the care for investment by the Government, with some incentive policies, The economy of Quang Tri has had new development steps: Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Area has developed; The industrial zones (Dong Ha South, Quan Ngang, Ho Xa East – North) and sea tourism areas… have been invested to upgrade the infrastructure and gradually developed effectively. Transportation infrastructure, electricity, water supply and drainage, telecommunication ... are developing fast and increasingly synchronous, perfect to create the basis to attract domestic and foreign investors.
Especially, the Southeast Economic Zone was approved by the Prime Minister together with the proposal of establishment of La Lay border gate economic zone, has created for Quang Tri potentials and advantages to attract investment. Convergence of available advantages of geographical location, natural resources, minerals, fisheries which are quite diversified; Famous historical and cultural relics which are famous to domestic and foreign tourists; Combined with the "new strengths" being invested, formed about the infrastructure, transportation, human resources, quality of administrative procedures, Quang Tri will create  competitive and prominent advantages to attract domestic and foreign investors.
Quang Tri province commits to continue to focus on improving strongly the investment environment, be ready to cooperate, help and create the most favorable conditions for investment procedures as well as the application of investment incentives at the highest level, promptly grasp and handle difficulties and problems for enterprises; To perform well the security and order, ensuring the safety for investors when coming to investigate and implement investment projects in the province, ensuring the timely and consistent guideline of the political system, clear and convenient working style for investors.
We are deeply aware that: if enterprises develop, Quang Tri Province will develop. Therefore, Quang Tri province always welcomes investors to Quang Tri in the spirit of cooperation, open and whole-hearted.
Commitment of the Chairman of PPC to support investors to Quang Tri
1. Within 10 days after receiving the valid document, the investor will be granted Decision on investment policy by the Provincial People's Committee
2. Well supporting for site clearance. To apply the maximum incentive policy for enterprises in the framework of the Government's regulations on exemption, reduction of tax, land rent, water surface and land rent, and environmental protection.
3. Within 4 working days from the date of receiving the valid document, the province will complete the issuance of the permit to the foreign workers.
4. Providing water continously, ensuring quality, conducting the system of water supply to the water-meter watch of customer for projects in urban areas, industrial zones, economic zones.
5. Setting up clean land fund so that investors can build houses for workers.
6. To supply enough labor and labor training facilities for enterprises in the local.
7. Investing electric grids to the fence of the project for enterprises in economic zones, industrial zones and industrial clusters.
8. Leaders of Provincial People's Committee will directly solve difficulties and problems of enterprises by the hotline of the provincial People's Committee.
9. Leaders of Provincial People's Committee are ready to receive and discuss with investors any time (including holidays, days off and time off).

Translator: Trang Nhi

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