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Quang Tri Province is in the North of Vietnam’s central region which is the starting point on the Trans-Asia route linking Vietnam with other countries in the East - West economic corridor. Quang Tri province has a magnanimous and admirable history in the war against foreign aggression to unite the country. This unyielding and heroic land had witnessed the violent war against American and the heroic sacrifice of number of young people, soldiers and the people who died for the peace and prosperity of the country today. There are names of villages, mountains, rivers and cultural and historical monuments which have become well-known such as Ben Hai river - Hien Luong bridge, ancient Quang Tri Citadel, Vinh Moc tunnel, Doc Mieu military base, MC. Namara electrical fence, Road 9 - Khe Sanh, Vay village, heroic Con Co island, legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, Truong Son national cemetery, Road 9 national cemetery... and all these names have come deeply in the memories of the Vietnamese people. Come to Quang Tri to remind of the memories of the past battlefield to understand more about the glorious war for the freedom and unification of Vietnam and to enjoy the magnificent natural landscape and as well as to receive the hospitality of the people in this land. There are many attractive beauty spots in Quang Tri province such as Cua Tung beach, Cua Viet beach, Dakrong landscape, Tra Loc ecotourism area, Ru Linh primary forest... which have been attracting many domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy. Coming to Quang Tri, you will have chance to enjoy famous special foods such as shrimp, crabs, fish, squid…, baked veal, pointing chicken, buffalo meat eating with “trơơng” leaf, Lao Bao mountain goat meat, Kim Long wine, pinnate leaf cake. Those dishes are with bold flavors of Quang Tri province.
Quang Tri is a coastal province of the Central Vietnam surrounded by Quang Binh province on the North, Thua Thien Hue province on the South, Laos on the West, and East Sea on the East. The topography of Quang Tri province is very various including hills, mountains, lowland, coastal sand-banks and islands. With more than 75km of the beach with three sea gates including Cua Viet, Cua Tung and My Thuy and Con Co Island district which is nearly 30km away from mainland. Quang Tri province has an area of 4.739 km2, and population of 626.563 people (in according to statistics in 2015) and 10 administration units including Dong Ha city, Quang Tri town and 08 districts of Vinh Linh, Gio Linh, Trieu Phong, Cam Lo, Hal Lang, Dakrong, Huong Hoa and Con Co island district. Dong Ha city is the political, economic, and cultural centre of the province.
Quang Tri province is located in the tropical climate zone with monsoon and affected by West-South dry and hot wind. The average temperature is varied from 200C – 250C. The highest temperature in hot months of 400C in lowland and 34°C - 35°C in low mountainous areas. The lowest temperature in the year can be reduced to 8°C - 100C in lowland and 3°C - 5°C in high mountainous areas. The average annual rainfall is varied from 2,000 — 2,700mm and average relative humidity is 70 - 80%. It can be said that climate of Quang Tri province is relatively harsh, but this land of white sand with much wind and sunlight has made many victories in the war of Vietnam Nation. The people in this land also are not defeated by the severe nature but they are unyielding and hard-working to overcome all difficulties to protect and construct their heroic native land of Quang Tri.
In years of the war against America to save the country, Quang Tri was a hot area because of rains of bombs and storms of bullets. Nowadays Quang Tri has many honorable and proud place-names and relics. Additionally, Quang Tri is the place with many key traffic roads, railways and waterways. Especially, National Highway No. 9 is located in the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) which is the nearest and most convenient Asian Highway connecting Vietnam to Indochina and ASEAN countries through Lao Bao International Border Gate. This is a favorable condition to expand exchange, cooperation, economic development, trading, services for Quang Tri province in particular and Vietnam in general and attracts more domestic and international visitors to Quang Tri land.
Quang Tri province is located in the Central region of Vietnam, the land full with sunlight and wind which is the intersection of North-South axis (National Highway No. 1A, Ho Chi Minh Highway, North-South Railway) with East- West Economic Corridor through National Highway No. 9 and Lao Bao International Border Gate. These geographical and economic advantages have defined important roles and position of Quang Tri tourism in the general strategy for the Centre’s tourism development. Quang Tri is the important gateway that attracts Mekong River Delta Sub-region tourists to the Central region of Vietnam where is the place of connecting 3 unique tourism products including East- West Economic Corridor, Heritage Road and Legend Road. This is the chance for Quang Tri Tourism sector to exploit their potentials and comparative advantages to integrate and attract the sources for tourism development.
Quang Tri is granted by the Nature various and diversified natural and human culture tourism resources. The historical and cultural tourism, is voluminously and uniquely created by a morden war relic system with 436 important vestiges including such famous names as Hien Luong banks - Ben Hai river, Mc.Namara Electrical Fence, Vinh Moc Tunnel, Ancient Quang Tri Citadel, Doc Mieu Military basis, Road 9-Khe Sanh...; Sea ecological and resting tourism with 75km of coast which creates beautiful, clean and fresh beaches environment such as Cua Tung, Cua Viet, Con Co Island, My Thuy, Trieu Lang, Vinh Kim - Vinh Thai...; Ecological tourism of forest, resting, disease curing with Dakrong natural conservation area, Klu
hot mineral water stream, Khe Gio, O O waterfall, Ru Linh forest, Tra Loc pool...; National and spirit culture research Tourism with Sac Tu Tinh Quang pagoda, La Vang pilgrimage center, Gio An ancient irrigation system, cultures of Pako, Van Kieu Ethnic groups.
In recent years, economic and technical infrastructure have been in vested and constructed in synchronous way. Historical and cultural monuments have been paid attention for rehabilitation and tourism areas have been planned for construction. The province completed Lao Bao Special Economic and Trading Area, infrastructure serving for Lao Bao International Border Gate. Besides, the province also pays attention to improve the import-export procedures, immigration procedures and promote the tourism advertisement and promotion, labour force training and actively open new Economic - Trading - Service relations with regional countries, especially with Laos and Thailand.
Currently, the province has step by step called for tourism investment projects, construction of tourism areas, entertainment centers to serve for tourists such as tourism riverway project on two river banks from Hien Luong bridge to Cua Tung; Cua Viet - Cua Tung beach tourism project linking with Con Co island; Ho Chi Minh legend road tourism project linking with Dakrong natural reservation ; Dakrong ecological resting tourism area project… Besides, Quang Tri province is also in progress to prepare the project for developing traditional villages linking with tourism and combining with tourism tours to introduce Quang Tri’ culture to international friends and tourists.
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Translator: Minh Phuong

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