Truong Son national martyrs' Cemetery

Friday - 13/01/2017 15:02
Truong Son national martyrs' cemetery is located on Ben Tat hill, next to High way 15, in Vinh Truong commune, Gio Linh district; takes about 38km from the City center (Dong Ha city) on the Northwest; takes more than 20km from Highway 1A (Gio Linh district) on the Northwest.
Truong Son national martyrs' Cemetery
Truong Son national martyrs' Cemetery
After the national liberation, The Party and Ministry of Defense have approved project on building Truong Son martyrs' Cemetery in Quang Tri province as a memorial place where honoring people who died on Truong Son road because of national liberation. The cemetery is constructed on 24/10/1975 and completed on 10/4/1977. The construction commander is the high command of Division 559 with the participation of 40 units of main soldiers and local soldiers. Besides, there are also specialized workers on inscribing letter on stone stele in Hoa Hai commune, Hoa Vang district, Quang Nam province.
Truong Son martyrs Cemetery has 10.333 graves of martyrs; with total area 140.999m2; in there, area of grave lands is 23.000m2, statue zone is 7.000m2, trees land is 60.000m2, park is 35.000m2 and road campus is 15.000m2. The grave lands area is divided into 10 main areas.
Truong Son martyrs' Cemetery is for soldiers who died on Ho Chi Minh trail route in the period  against America. This is the repay construction with the most massive, biggest scale and high artistry, expressing deeply gratitude, respect of the Party, people and our nation to people all over the country who died for the national liberation and reunification.
On 40 years anniversary of the founding Truong Son army corps (19/5/1959 – 19/5/1999), the Party and the Government decided to upgrade, repair Truong Son cemetery with many items: the gate, road system, the headquarters model, logos of locals, statues, drainage system, internal electricity, trees around the cemetery,... so far, all items of constructions have been completed in basically.
Truong Son martyrs' cemetery today is not only the resting place for heroes, martyrs but also the place of worship, a shinning symbol of revolutionary heroism, the spirit to fight for the independence and peaceful aspiration of our nation. Truong Son martyrs' cemetery is place for martyrs’ family, the Party, the government, people all over the country and foreign friends come to express their gratitude with the tradition of Vietnamese: Drinking water, remembering its source.
Currently, Truong Son martyrs cemetery has 24 officers, staffs who usually take care the cemetery and welcome martyrs’s family, national and international people come to visit the cemetery.
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