Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery

Friday - 13/01/2017 15:15
Road 9 national martyrs' Cemetery is one of two largest national cemeteries, located on Highway 9 road, ward 4, Dong Ha city; takes nearly 6km from the city center on the West. Its location is on a hill, faces to the direction of Highway 9 road.
Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery (Photo by : Nguyen Hai Quang)
Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery (Photo by : Nguyen Hai Quang)
This is cemetery of more than ten thousand heroes, martyrs from 3 kinds of military: main soldiers, local soldiers, militia and youth volunteers who fought, served for the fighting on Road 9 and Laos during the war against America. 
Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery has 13ha area of grave land, with 16 large and small constructions. There are 2 large artistic and historical constructions: Victory statue with 18m height, describing image of Vietnam soldiers close with children, young women and neighbors from Laos, expressing solidarity of 2 nations; and  Ceremonial zone with architectural works: memorial house with 90m2 area which built by reinforced concrete; 3 relief parts surrounding memorial house which expressing unforgettable images of heroic fighting days of soldiers, people; 4 statues in front of memorial house which are extremely exquisite which give the viewers the feeling of lively by its face and gesture. Besides, there are other auxiliary works such as trees, light system…which are designed and built very modern and dignified.
Gratitude to heroes, martyrs on 27th, July annually (Photo by: Nguyen Hai Quang)
Being constructed on 2rd, December, 1995, because of the harsh weather of the Central region, Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery had many works go down and need to be invested for rebuild. In that situation, with tradition “drinking the water, remembering its source” and according to the wishes of officers, staffs in Financial sector, The Party Committee of Ministry of Finance launched officers, staffs support for upgrading Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery. On 12th, July, 2014, The Ministry of Finance cooperated with Quang Tri Provincial People Committee to organize Inauguration “Upgrading construction of Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery” in Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province. After 3 years of implementing project, many items are invested which brought new look for Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery: more spacious, heroes’ family and people all the country feel more peace of mind when visit here.
Road 9 national martyrs' cemetery is the resting place for the soldiers who died on Road 9 battlefield, Quang Tri battlefield in particular and on Laos in general. This is a construction for expressing gratitude which has huge and large scale with high artistry; expressing the deeply gratefulness of the Party and Government to people all over the country who died for the national liberation, reunification.
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