The relic of Hien Luong river banks

Thursday - 06/07/2017 14:50
Hien Luong river banks relic includes Hien Luong bridge, Hien Luong police station, Hien Luong flagpole: Hien Luong bridge crosses Ben Hai river at km 735 on National Highway 1A. The bridge connects Hien Luong village (Vinh Thanh commune - Vinh Linh district) on the north bank and Xuan Hoa village on the southern bank (Trung Hai commune - Gio Linh).
The relic of Hien Luong river banks ( Photo by Trinh Hoang Tan)
The relic of Hien Luong river banks ( Photo by Trinh Hoang Tan)
Belonging to the relic system of Hien Luong river banks, Hien Luong bridge was built in 1952, witnessed the pain of separation of the country: the South -  the North. In 1967, the bridge was collapsed by American bomb. To serve the Southern battlefield, in 1974, we rebuilt the new bridge with reinforced concrete, meaning the national reunification bridge. In 1996, with the attention of the Government, the Ministry of Transportation built a new bridge with 230m length, 11.5m wide located on the West of the old bridge. At the old bridge, we restored the bridge shape of the period 1952-1967, as a destination for visitors of DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) route.
Hien Luong Police Station is located on the north of Hien Luong Bridge, with three blocks: A, B and C, forming V shape, the middle position is Hien Luong flag pole.
Blocks A was built in 1955 as a stilt house, with size 12m x 6m, with tiled roof, surrouned by glass windows. This is the headquarters of the commanders, the place of work between the two sides and the reception of delegations. Block B is 10m x 5m in size, made of wood, used as the living place of police officers. Block C is used as a logistics warehouse, dining room with size 12m x 4m.
Hien Luong Police Station is staffed by two squadrons, includes 24 people, armed with pistols and AK submachine guns. During nearly 12 years, from 1954 to 1965, the station was a front without sound of guns. This place often took place the fights to denounce Agreement violation of US and fight to implement strictly the regulations of demilitarized zone, prevent acts of breaking the Agreement of the enemy. The police station is a witness of war which  showing the bravery and intelligence of police officers in the bounder. At present, Hien Luong police station is restored to the status quo, meeting the aspirations of people on both banks as well as the tourism needs of tourists.
Hien Luong plagpole belongs to Hien Luong river banks relic system. In the period against American, the daily flag raising at two bridgeheads is a fierce struggle between two sides. The work of raising the height of the flagpole and the width of the flag is a race between us and the enemy. As the request of residents, our flag must be higher than the enemy’s. In 1962, thanks for the materials from Hanoi, our troops and people built a new flagpole 38.6m high with flag 134m2 wide, weighs 15kg. This is the highest flagpole flag. It is estimated that from May 19, 1956 to October 26, 1967, 264 flags were raised, flied proudly in the sky. Every time looking at the yellow star red flag, the residents from two sides of North-South were very happy.
In order to keep the flag on the top, holding the symbol of the strength of the nation's victory, the soldiers of the Hien Luong Police Station fought bravely in the rain and storm of bombs to protect the flag. There are dozens times of rebuilt the flagpole, 42 times of change the new flag. At the top of the flagpole, the red flag of the golden star flies in the sky, comes into the heart, is a symbol of aspiration and unity of nation, the power of victory in the war against American for national liberation.
Since th peaceful country was united, the relics of Hien Luong river banks has last forever with beautiful values. In December 1986, the relic of ​​Hien Luong river banks was ranked as National level. On the traffic link between the North and South and the "Central Heritage Road", the relics of Hien Luong river banks is the bright spot in the journey of domestic and foreign tourists to commemorate a period when the country was divided, to understand the power of a nation which loves peace, a will and the desire to win for the independence and freedom, to have a beautiful Vietnam today.
Every relic in Quang Tri land is an immortal epic spirit of resilient and brave fighting spirit for the Fatherland of our troops and people. Historical revolutionary system is an invaluable spiritual asset, of great significance not only in the country but also on the world that we have to preserve.

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