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Quang Tri Province has many historical and traditional festivals which attract tourists near and far.
National Reunification Festival (Internet)
National Reunification Festival (Internet)
1. The national Re-Unification Festival
The festival is held in Hien Luong – Ben Hai River Banks national historical relic, where witness the pain of 20 years of nation partition; as well as represent the aspirations for peaceful and unification of Vietnam people. The festival is held annually, and held as a national festival on the full years celebration of the Southern liberation, national unification on 30th ,April 1975.
2. Thanh Co Festival - Light flower night Festival on Thach Han river:
The festival is held in the special national relic: Quang Tri Ancient Citadel – where happened the 81 days and nights war in 1972 to memorize Vietnam heroes who died on this lands because of the national liberation and reunification.
Light Flower Thanh Co Festival
Flower light - Thanh Co Festival (Internet)
3. Legendary Truong Son Festival:
This is the graceful and memorial activity for heroic martyrs who lying in Truong Son National Cemetery, Road.9 National Cemetery and other cemeteries in province. The festival is attached to memorial of war invalids and revolutionary martyrs day 27th, July annually, presenting the morality “when drinking water, remember who dug the well”. The festival is held as a national festival once/3 years.
Legendary Truong Son Festival
Legendary Truong Son Festival ( Internet)
4. Sac Tu Pagoda Festival:
The festival is held at Sac Tu Pagoda, Ai Tu townlet, Trieu Phong district on 18th, Feb annually in Lunar Calendar, attracting thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns all over the country to celebrate the religious ceremony. Sac Tu Pagoda is one of pagodas that were early built in Quang Tri, affecting remarkably on the developing progress of Buddhism in Cochinchina.
Sac Tu Pogado
Sac Tu Pagoda (Internet)
5. Arieuping Festival:
This is the interesting traditional festival that has much of cultural features of the Pako – Van Kieu ethnic group. It is held during 4 days and 3 nights. Arieuping is a reassembling graves and grave worshiping festival, together with interesting ceremonies and activities of ethnic people in the West of Quang Tri, such as: stabling buffalo, traditional dancing and singing, drinking stem wine (tube wine), competing in shooting with crossbows,…
Arieuping Festival
Arieuping Festival (Internet)
6. La Vang Palanquin Festival:
The festival is held in La Vang Pilgrimage Center, Hai Phu commune, Hai Lang district from 12th to 15th, August in Solar Calendar. This is a unique religious festival in Quang Tri only, attracting thousands of Catholics, domestic and foreign tourists.
La Vang Palanquin Festival
La Vang Palanquin Festival
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